Lauren Cho's Fangirling

Lauren Cho's Fangirling

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  9. Jinyoung owning every k-pop dance there is

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  13. queensoshi:

    Joy looks like she’s gonna cut a bitch tbh

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  15. jesssicajung:

    Introducing Red Velvet (x)

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  17. candycane23049:

    jinyoung the prankster (x)

    He just wanted some attention from his JB hyung.

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  19. dandyjinyoung:

    jj project give me so many feelings omg those two are literally soulmates like they were born to meet each other and audition together and be in the same group and be cute talented idiots and aFTER ALL THESE YEARS THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER AND STILL PERFORMING TOGETHER fdjskdfjdkgbikfdf 

    they were literally born to do this together tbh

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