Lauren Cho's Fangirling

Lauren Cho's Fangirling

  1. OLTL 5-1-13


    Dani had the best and most realistic reaction when she found out that Victor was alive. Everyone else was super calm and she’s freaking out like “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?”. That would have been me.

    Loving nuMatthew’s sarcasm. It reminds me of oldMatthew. He also has pretty eyes. He’s still a dead beat though. Also I wonder if Nora’s “you’ll understand that with Drew” was foreshadowing. It would take Drew getting hurt for Matthew to give a fuck.

    Also I’m loving the build up for the Todd vs Victor war.

    I need more Victor and Viki scenes. I need more Natalie.

    Favorite Quotes

    "I just got jelly on the chair and I’m gonna blame you." - David Vickers Buchanan.

    "Don’t ever come near my family again." - Victor Lord Jr. NOW THAT’S THE VICTOR I’VE MISSED.

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      That I can see your point on. Kelley did phenomenally. I wasn’t real impressed with Jack’s reaction. I mean he idolized...
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      Agreed totally agree.
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      You’re right, calm was the wrong word. They’re reactions weren’t strong enough in my opinion and it made Victor’s...
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