Lauren Cho's Fangirling

Lauren Cho's Fangirling

  1. OLTL 5-6-13

    Victor is acting really strange. The only non strange thing he did was poison Todd. I went “oh okay he’s going back to normal now”. Lol at him Googling ways to kill someone can he get any more obvious?

    Matthew is still a douchebag. He even made the douchebag (yet cute) eyebrow in that photo he took with Jeffrey. And now he’s tryna get with Jeffrey’s facebook chick. I can’t. GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SON.

    Dani is going to annoy the fuck out of me. More than she did when she arrived on the show back in 2009. I can’t. “I’m 21. I make my own decisions” says the girl who lives at home with her mother. I can’t with her and Matthew thinking that 21 = grown. As long as you’re relying on someone else to feed and clothe you, you are not grown.

    I needed more Natie. She is flawfree.

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